Bank Security System Can Trap Bandits Between Doors

Woodsboro Crop ICHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) (07/07/10) Jacobs, Harvey

Some Lowcountry banks have a security system that can trap bandits between the bank’s double doors right after the robbery. With 13 bank robberies reported in the Tri-County area in June, the double door security system might have cut down on some of those robberies.

Retired Charleston FBI agent Bill Nettles saw the system for the first time in Maryland. “A double door entry system, where there’s a receptionist inside who sees you at the front door, pushes a button,” Nettles said. “That way you can control who’s coming in, you can control who’s going out.”

Nettles said right after a bank is robbed, the suspect can be held for police. “If you get the chance to catch the person alone in that area, the teller can push the button and trap the bank robber in that small area,” Nettles explained.

Nettles said all banks would be wise to have the double door security system.

“I think one of the best preventative measures that banks can go into right now is slowing down the robbery process,” Nettles added. “Slowing down how long it takes somebody to come in and rob the bank.”

Bank Security System can trap bandits between doors.

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